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The perfume was inspired by, paco Rabanne 's metallic fashion and created in cooperation with three famous noses for perfumes, Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and, michel Girard, who mixed this year's edition from the notes of sparkling grapefruit, red orange, mint, rose, cinnamon, spices, blond.In my case, im okay with this.Thanks for reading my review!If you put 10 sprays of it, they will kick you ou for smelling too good.Gold is all around us: in architecture, design, jewelry, clothes, accessories, is noticeable and respected worldwide and it possesses divine notes.Paco Rabanne says the following: "In all civilizations and religions gold has always managed to seduce people".I hate being bold, but this is the best of the line.Let us remind you of the fragrant composition: the perfumers behind it are.You will stand out in bars.I have it: 4814 I had it: 2569 I want it: 1407 My signature: 129.Total products, total shipping, to be determined, total.Get on the train.
Now we're talking between adults.
If you're not a fan of the original though, I would still recommend testing this one.

No seriously guys, dont overapply, let the people come to you.
It's the darker side of 1 million.