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He returns in Week 7 and plays the rest of the season.
Playing typically brilliant football before the injury in mid-October, Rodgers is a little shaken up after Barr's big hit but comes back onto the field and leads the Packers to a win over Minnesota.
A three-point win over the lowly Buccaneers keeps Carolina alive, but serving as spoilers, the Falcons defend their home turf and upset the Panthers in Atlanta to knock Carolina out of the postseason.Sweepstakes mailings have to disclose that a purchase isnt necessary to enter and wont improve the chances of winning.Aaron Rodgers, saving Rodgers' collarbone.Answer: This question is asked surprisingly often, but again the answer.Before continuing, be aware that while check lucille's gift card balance many countries have laws surrounding gambling, lotteries, and sweepstakes, well be focusing on the US for the sake of this article.It's firing-and-hiring season, and we're tracking all the moves.Beckham helps keep the Giants' offense afloat, but he doesn't solve their problems with depth and culture on defense.After Bortles struggles mightily during an offseason that includes a five-interception practice and a dreadful preseason appearance, the Jags demote him and promote Chad Henne to play in the critical third week of the preseason.Your States Involvement And as noted above, laws surrounding gaming, gambling, sweepstakes, contests and raffles all vary state by state.Case Keenum, which saves the team 1 million.The former Alabama star eventually leads the Browns to a 5-11 record, exhibiting just enough improvement for both Jackson and Sashi Brown to keep their jobs.Here are more under-the-radar moves that mattered, plus a few that were overhyped.Additionally, ar500 com discount code you might have a lottery that has no winners, and thus the prize is turned over (perhaps youve seen Powerball display.
A big win against the Titans in Week 4 buys Savage another week, but when he struggles in the first half against Kansas City, O'Brien makes the halftime change to Watson, who very nearly leads the Texans back to beat the undefeated Chiefs.
Once Allen Robinson tears his left ACL in Week 1, the Jaguars are essentially dependent upon Leonard Fournette, and while they announce themselves as contenders by blowing out the Steelers, they fade as Fournette tires during the second half of the season.

But that 2 million move mattered.
Sam Bradford experiences unexpected knee pain after the opener, and when the Vikings rush Bridgewater back into the lineup, he also experiences a setback and has to sit for three weeks.