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More of the same were anti Semitic.
ABC News Online, 2nd December 2008 Summary published: 4th February 2009 Complaint: A complaint was received about a story which referred to the Western Australian government as a coalition.
7.00 News, 28th July 2011 Summary published: 13th October 2011 Complaint: A viewer complained about inaccuracies in coverage of the final appeal of Australian Jock Palfreeman who was convicted of the murder of a Bulgarian student.January.00 News, 5th December 2013 Summary published: 24th January 2014 Complaint: A complainant raised concerns of inaccuracy in a report on the anti-acne drug Diane-35.ABC News Online, 31st March 2010 Summary published: 29th June 2010 Complaint: An online reader complained that a report Atom smasher closer to Big Bang included the view of people who had raised concerns about the process of the Large Hadron Collider and ride the hiawatha promo code that the.2016 December Statewide Drive NSW, 27th October 2016 Summary published: 22nd December 2016 Complaint: An ABC Regional listener complained that a news report about the sentencing of a child sex offender included an inappropriate level of graphic detail.7.00 News, 23rd February 2011 Summary published: 14th March 2011 Complaint: A complaint was received about a report on Northern Territory politics.March ABC News Breakfast, 21st January 2010 Summary published: 29th March 2010 Complaint: A viewer complained about a panel discussion on the program about US President Barack Obamas first year in office, and the Democrats recent surprise loss of the Senate seat of Massachusetts.7.00 News, 7th April 2009 Summary published: 23rd April 2009 Complaint: A viewer complained that incorrect average temperatures were provided for April in the weather report.7.00 News, 14 and, 15th April 2009 Summary published: 11th May 2009 Complaint: A viewer complained that the wrong presenter of The.30 Report was announced at the end of the news bulletin on two nights.Drive, mp; Mornings, 12th July 2010 Summary published: 28th October 2010 Complaint: An audience member expressed concern with the ABCs use of certain hosts to conduct some interviews on 720 Perth and as commentators on Stateline.Asia Pacific Business, 15th October 2010 Summary published: 7th January 2011 Complaint: A listener expressed concern that a segment promoted a new Cambodian beer and inappropriately promoted alcohol use.The viewer noted that a glass of wine used by a reporter to demonstrate the size of a standard drink appeared to contain more than a standard drink.7.00 News, 1st September 2009 Summary published: 9th September 2009 Complaint: A viewer complained about a report on rising rates of dementia during which a reporter stated It's the ageing baby boomer generation thats to blame.ABC2 Promotions, 31st May 2009 Summary published: 19th August 2009 Complaint: A viewer complained that the content of two promotions was inappropriate for broadcast on a Sunday morning.ABC News Online, 8th February 2010 Summary published: 17th March 2010 Complaint: An online reader pointed out that scientist Dr Bob Carter was incorrectly referred to as a marine biologist in a report Push to change embattled climate panel.Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 25th April 2011 Summary published: 11th August 2011 Complaint: Two viewers complained that an episode of the cartoon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars contained content that was inappropriate to its G rating.720 ABC Perth Grandstand, 13th August 2008 Summary published: 9th September 2008 Complaint: A listener pointed out that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were incorrectly referred to as the 29th Olympic Games.As used in this section: (a) "A device capable of deciphering any electronically readable format" or "device" shall mean any commercial device or combination of devices used at a point of sale or entry that is capable of reading the information encoded on the magnetic.May News, 13th April 2013 Summary published: 23rd May 2013 Complaint: A complainant raised concerns of inaccuracy in 702 ABC Sydney news reports on a NSW state government proposal to allow amateur shooting in national parks.The listener also complained about a separate report in which two traffic accidents were reported to have occurred in south bound lanes on Hobart's Southern Outlet.The listener argued that evidence suggests that the islands are sinking from tectonic movement and not from climate change, contrary to the presenters statement in the introduction to the report.Breakfast, 5th October 2009 Summary published: 15th December 2009 Complaint: An ABC Radio National listener complained that a political discussion on the program lacked impartiality.
AM, 9th November 2010 Summary published: 13th December 2010 Complaint: A listener complained that a report Obama urges New Delhi to take stand on human rights inaccurately referred to Indias political dynasty.