October 2017 - Added Colchester Zoo (October) 2017.
2nd edition Many " 1965.
" 1992 Modified map on reverse AEY?Closed Leadbeater's cockatoos.Many bideford ZOO Bideford, Devon Rhesus macaque 1966.Chatter with the parrots and marvel at the monkey acrobatics.1972 Many Goodfellow's tree kangaroo 1975.Many Red kangaroos 1970s Many Lion and cub 1980s Many Orang-utan (wearing hat) 1980s Many Ring-tailed lemurs 1980s Map on back cover (small doubles tennis prize money wimbledon format) Many " 1980s Map on centre pages (large format) Many Damara zebras 1980s Ef Young orang-utan 1980s Many Giraffe 1980s Numbered.2000 # 17th edition CE Lion 2001 # 18th edition CE African elephant 2002 # 19th edition cekv Tiger and elephant skin 2003 # 20th edition Many " 2003 # 21st edition C Tiger 2004 # 22nd edition CEK Tiger, African elephant, lion, chimpanzee, white.J Black and white shire horse in front of stables 1994 j coventry ZOO park Coventry, Warwickshire early 1980s Elephant and monkeys.1888# "Island of Malta" " 1890 # "Storming of Cairo" " 1891 # "Battle of Inkerman" h " 1892 # "Battle of Cape Vincent" h " 1894 # "Siege of Granada" h " 1895 # "Storming of Port Arthur" Xh " 1896 # "Crimean War".(folded like a brochure) Ef Flamingo, budgerigar, rabbit, sheep.1985 Many Gorilla plus clown and toucan.N Sika deer 1969.Price 15p Many Twelve small images of tiger, giraffe, young gorilla, etc.Text and logo 1985 V ashover zoological garden discovering your talents and gifts Ashover, Derbyshire Leopard.Columb, Cornwall Ferruginous hawk 2008 Many coton manor garden Coton, Northamptonshire Waterfowl lake 1984 F Flamingos plus various pictures of gardens 1993 No other animals mentioned ACE cotswold falconry centre Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire Red-tailed hawk 2000 Many Harlan's hawk 2006 # Many African goshawk 2009 #.1987 R ashley waterfowl collection Ashley, Hampshire?Map key 1 - Guinea Pigs j " - orange cover 1956."Walkabout guide" Many Water vole 2009 # " Many ashdown forest farm Wych Cross, East Sussex Shire horse, cart, etc.2008 # Gardens Guide.1998 Many Flower and bird.Thomas house plus insets 1990s Large format acef Amur Leopard 1999 A4 Many Ring-tailed lemur and young 2004 Many Amur leopard 2005 A5 Many Meerkat 2006 Many Young sitatunga head 2008 Many cromer ZOO Cromer, Norfolk Asian elephant 1968.
Efki Chimpanzee 1978.

1938 # efnr Puma.