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Dont be afraid to ask your feeder supplier about their husbandry.
Always remove uneaten feeders after cheap music gifts for students 15 20 minutes after feeding.Additional Reading The Proper Temperatures for a Bearded Dragon Selecting the Ideal Enclosure for a Bearded Dragon Go Back to Table of Contents Discolored Stomach If the stomach of your pet darkens, or becomes black, it could be due to stress.Establishing the Proper Temperatures for a Bearded Dragon.Recommendations, continually monitor temperatures within the terrarium by how much childcare vouchers per month using a high quality thermometer like.There could also be a bacterial infection, such as tail rot, that could cause swelling.Let it soak for about 15 20 minutes to help loosen the skin.Additional Reading, what To Do for a Shedding Bearded Dragon.This will help to keep the skin clean and supple Go Back to Table of Contents Obesity Bearded dragons in the wild are very active creatures.Zoo Med ReptiSafe is a great product.The bearded dragons appetite will decrease along with its activity levels.Try to provide a little exercise for your bearded dragon at least once per week.
It is typically caused by unsanitary conditions and low temperatures.

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