Thinking I typed my card number wrong, I tried again - same message.
I spent just about the last of my money to make good on the original gift card I intended to send to the intended recipient.
Much to my surprise, when I checked my online statement later in importance of rewarding your employees the day, I found I had been billed for the gift card.From all the similar comments I see, engraved birthday gifts for her it's a wonder they still are in business.Purchases made with the certificate will be deducted from the balance until it reaches.00.Now they tell me they have no record of a sent ecard or gift card.Sales tax will not be added when purchasing a Gift Certificate.I don't know about others, but I don't have a spare 100 floating around.I received an error message saying I needed to provide a valid payment method.These people are clearly frauds.Gift Certificate Terms Conditions, gift Certificate is issued by and represents an obligation of (Garland Mountain, LLC).The point behind emailing them was that they charged me but did not fulfill their end of the bargain by sending the cards.I guess I understand what being an honorable person is, whereas they just want to fleece us for whatever they can.I hope they go bankrupt.I called my bank and I was told Blue exact pharma voucher code Mountain attempted to debit my account each time I resubmitted!Moms know love by heart, so they deserve to be honored on their special day with an enchanting Mother's Day eCard.We have Mother's Day eCards for your own mom and for all the other wonderful moms in your life.We have Mother's Day greetings for all the special moms you know.I checked with the intended recipient, and sure enough, she received neither the greeting card nor the gift card.Cannot be used toward payment for consignment guns.The original 100 fraudulent billing sits in a "pending" limbo, inaccessible.
I am lucky that I have a good relationship with my bank and they will block any further attempts by Blue Mountain to extract money from my account.
On 4/20/2016 I tried to send an ecard with a 100 gift card attached.