Sure, he can turn his band on a dime, call audibles left and right, teach his horn section a new song on the fly.
Bruce called out for another beloved cast-off next, and "Be True" sounded equally robust, Clarence's roaring sax finale played with exuberance by Jake.Chekhov would probably agree: if you talk in the first act about having a magic trick, you'd better demonstrate it by the end.Shit may indeed be fucked up as he said Thursday night, but not in this house, not on this night.But what is Christmas without Santa.Songs, "Downbound Train" and "I'm on Fire that both featured synthesizer solos from Roy.Darkness had yet to fall on Mt Smart Stadium, so no spotlight was needed to watch Bruce saunter from the stage to the lip of the pit, all Stones-y riff and working-man shirt.Joe Wall reporting - photographs by Rene van Diemen Setlist: Don't Hang Up (solo acoustic) American Land The Ties That Bind No Surrender Two racq bowling discount Hearts The Promised Land Glory Days Hungry Heart Wrecking Ball New York City Serenade Atlantic City Johnny 99 Murder Incorporated.A feint in the form of Official Show Opener "New York City Serenade" before a cascade of lights, roaring engines and a rocket ride down rubber-blackened tarmac began with "Prove It All Night" and continued to genuinely rousing show closer "Rosalita." Whatever we thought.Heather Wolensky's scenic design evokes a black and white photograph say, Springsteen photographed by Eric Meola 40 years ago, under a fire escape on a city street.I am here to provide proof of life to that ever elusive, never completely believable 'us.' That is my magic trick." With just guitar, piano, harmonica, and a very talented magician's assistant billed as Patti Scialfa Springsteen, Bruce makes good on this implied opening promise.Their appearance onstage a few minutes after the intermission was no great surprise to many in attendance.I gave a modest "bruuuce" and received a nice wave from both Bruce and Patti from inside the car.The third was Mary's Place "let it rain!" which followed "Hungry Heart." Bruce then unveiled another sign request, this one for major obscurity "None But the Brave" from the Born in the.S.A.

Sean Sennett reporting - photographs by Bill Donohoe Setlist: New York City Serenade (with strings) Lucky Town Janey Don't You Lose Heart Rendezvous Be True Back in Your Arms Better Days The Ties That Bind Out in the Street Hungry Heart Wrecking Ball Leap.