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Apple wood, gleaned from the vast orchards of the Yakima Valley, fuels the fire of our oven.
Really enjoying this and professor who predicts trump will win might have found my new signature scent after all!
This review encompasses D G Pour Femme on one wrist, and D G Pour Femme Intense on the other wrist as to review in the form of a comparison, since the both fragrances really are warehouse free delivery voucher so similar.
That being said, it is highly unlikely that anyone would walk by you and actually recognize these by name, as the similarities with other scents in this category exist, although the similarities are undefinable(they don't smell like another sennheiser rebate 600 mhz perfume, they just sit very close.Innocent, clean, and light.I hope my review has been helpful.Unless you use a heavy hand or have just sprayed, they do not have much sillage.I think this would sit nicely on sweaters and scarves due to its softness, but I almost feel it could be good in almost any weather besides the simmering heat of summer.They are that similar.The opening, however is almost just as bright as Pour Femme, and the citrus does come though for that initial blast, but within moments it has settled to a soft, cozy, creamy, floral twin of the two.This is not a "girly" perfume, it's womanly and graceful, and maybe I would like that as a scent signature after all.4) I like that there is no wood in this fragrance.Both are inoffensive and safe, but truly well done pieces that work well as signatures.Lasted all day and into the evening, and I only refreshed because I wanted to go out.I can't find my Santal sample though (and that upsets me greatly).I'll get back to you.Sillage is phenomenal (I can easily smell this with only two small sprays and longevity is ridiculous.In summary, I love and own them both.Not so much the scent, but moreso the vibe: timelessly soft, fresh, and feminine.