can trump win new york state

Kevin OReilly of Manchester,.H., told The Times.
Senators Warren and Brown never seemed to find a compelling answer to that question, despite an economy that continues to struggle with painfully slow wage growth, spiraling budget deficits and multiplying trade wars that have hurt businesses as diverse as Ohio soybean farmers and California.
Democrats also failed to capitalize on, and may have been damaged by, winning back control of the House of Representatives, but not the Senate, in the 2018 midterms.
The Democrat was expected to attend his party's election night event in Manhattan on Thursday.Jeff Klein on Thursday in the Democratic primary for the 34th state Senate district.He got my party to lose its marbles.Democrats used to stand with the Working Man, he tweeted Wednesday morning.Klein formerly led the senate's Independent Democratic Conference.But Trump and other members of his party seem undeterred by polling trends, instead touting his overwhelming win in the New York primary in April as evidence that the state is in play for the general election.Election-modeling publication FiveThirtyEight gives Clinton.1 percent chance of winning here.Further, Trump has not yet won unequivocal support from Republicansnearly 10 percent of Republican New Yorkers do not support him ; five of the states 10 Republican.S.The split allowed Republican leaders to keep bills on gun control and abortion from coming to a vote.If we carry New York by the margin we should, we will have changed American history.A former New York City councilman has defeated an incumbent first-term state senator in the Democratic primary for a state Senate seat.She says the "blue wave is real" and is coming for Republicans and "Democrats who act like them." Nixon says her campaign reflects an insurgent movement of liberals challenging establishment incumbents.The most-watched race is a fiercely fought contest between Gov.Gender-neutral pronouns and bathrooms or good jobs and higher wages?Polls show that race very close going into election day.The winner faces little-known Republican attorney Keith Wofford in November.Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency calls the Warren campaign did not formally endorse but did little to refute as emblematic of the partys broader problems.Andrew Cuomo and activist and actress Cynthia Nixon are making their final pitches as their closely watched and sometimes nasty Democratic primary contest comes to a close.Chris Collins, a Republican who represents the 27th Congressional District in Western New York and was the first member of Congress to endorse Trump, told State of Politics.
The activist and former "Sex and the City" star has faulted Cuomo's handling of the city's aging subways and says he isn't a true liberal.
Voters across the state also cast ballots in a hotly contested party primary for the state's attorney general.