christmas vacation gift that keeps on giving

That basket led to dozens of hours of fun for me as a kid, and now my girls sometimes get activity baskets like this with crafts we can do together.
Science Center Memberships Many cities also have a childrens museum or science center with an annual pass option.
It might be something like going out for smoothies or playing at the park, or even a trip to the grocery store to gather ingredients and cook a meal together.You can learn more about it here.Try a Summer in December Promo Marc Haddad, Owner CEO, PGA Junior Golf Camps We launched a holiday promotion last summer to push summer camps for the PGA Junior Golf Camps.By aligning your marketing efforts across the board, youll have better results for your holiday promotions.This scarcity is good for us because it drives folks to our site on days we want, and is good for our customers because those who shop on these days will have access to new products that no one else has.To keep it low-cost, see if you can find a family member or an elderly member of your community who might enjoy passing on the skill at a lower cost.My unique promotion is a free Starbucks gift card with any tutoring package, and it is especially great during times when Starbucks is busy and has special drinks like holiday drinks.Leverage Your Email List Allison Tetreault, Content Marketing Strategist, Toast POS The holidays are a great time to utilize the customer list that youve been building all year, whether through email campaigns, loyalty programs, or online ordering.This tent was a family gift a couple of years ago and weve used it quite a few times.They even have an Android version for mobile.Game Night Packages A game night is another great family activity, and giving each child one game was a fun way to expand our collection and they love playing their game when we have a game night.That only highlights the gap in gifts, so instead smile and say thank you and how much you appreciate the gift.DIY Gifts My kids have enjoyed getting the supplies to make homemade soap, lip balm, lotion, or other DIY items that they can use or give as gifts.
One year a family member took our daughter to see the Nutcracker, and grandparents often give memberships to museums or zoos, use sears gift card online or gift certificates to go to a movie or lunch.
Local Attraction Season Passes Any other local attraction with a season pass can be a great gift.

Duplicate gifts Re-gifting Exchanges, sometimes you get the same thing twice- double yay!