"I understand the risks and rewards of franchising and the challenges of expanding a business." At alconchoice rebate 2018 this point I had an opportunity to buy Stump Busters UK Ltd and took.
The training and support on offer as part of the franchise was something that drew me to Wilkins in the first place. .
BBB Names Most Complained About Industries of 2011.Join the largest team of independent chimney sweeps trading under one brand wilkins chimney sweep Chimney sweeping is one of the UKs oldest professions, and with more home owners returning to the traditional, and now fashionable, use of open fires and multi-fuel stoves, there has.I managed to buy the franchise and support myself while I got going by using savings and selling a couple of assets.Coming from an engineering background I trained in technical sales in the electronic security industry.This is free and non-obligatory; we never share or sell your personal information.Name: Jon Bright, location: Attleborough, Norfolk, franchise: Wilkins Chimney Sweep (South Norfolk date launched the franchise: August 2016.The conditions were harsh and the work was hard.The truth was a bit different of course.Armstrong Chimneys pride ourselves on providing a professional service to the highest standards.What advice would you give to someone considering franchising their business?The Wilkins Franchise model is quite different to StumpBusters and its taken a while to learn the new model but otherwise no challenges!A good relationship between franchisor and franchisee is vital.
We Ask a House Cleaner about.
The children served as indentured servants to their master; in exchange for a home and food and water the children were taught the trade.

Because they worked and lived in the soot and grime of the chimneys, the children often developed respiratory problems and other related issues.
With the rise in coal use, regular chimney sweep visits became a safety necessity.
If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently?