Jha (October 10, 2009).
"I think it's appropriate because he is the only American president who has reached out to us in peace he said.
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"Bolton: Obama's 'Pedestrian, Turgid, and Uninspired' Address"."Reaction to Obama's Nobel prize varies".According to an analysis in The New York Times, "it."The presidency in microcosm".Al Gore, albert (Al) Arnold Gore, army gets it right with."Obama should give back Nobel Prize "."Walter Russell mead's reason 10 coupon code response to 'Assess Obama's Nobel Prize acceptance speech."Praise and scepticism greet Obama Nobel award"."Fredspris til Obama er en skandale" (in Norwegian)."Obama is surprise winner of Nobel Peace Prize "."Former Nobel secretary says Obama's peace prize didn't have desired effect".Obama announced early that he would donate the full 10 million Swedish kronor (about US1.4 million) monetary award to charity."Leaders respond to Obama Nobel win ".38 Other prominent commentators who often supported Obama but responded with ridicule included Peter Beinart 39 and Ann Althouse.Parker, Kathleen (December 11, 2009).Christopher Orlet (April 18, 2013)."Obama on Nobel Prize Win : 'This Is Not How I Expected to Wake up This Morning.
Miller, Joshua Rhett (October 9, 2009).
He did this in the face of total opposition from liberals (including Al Gore) and amid predictions from the media and academic establishment that his policies were unrealistic and doomed to failure.