I went to Discount Steel and Aluminum (Mpls, MN) and purchased an aluminum C-channel that measured 32 long and 1 x 1, I then purchased a flat piece of aluminum that was also hanukkah days of gifts 32 long and 1 wide by thick. .
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I decided I did not want to run the saddle tank gas tank that was mounted on the outside right frame rails, but instead I wanted to put a fuel cell in the rear frame rails under the bed floor. .Depending upon several factors like the initial investment you can made, the volume of your business, the features you are looking to have, you will going to choose a specific platform for your business.What are the optimal requirements?Having an online store that gives you an optimized performance is something highly desired.On my truck, I decided to fabricate a C-channel to weld into the ving the underside of the bed a much cleaner look. .To remedy this I shortened the ends on one side of the brackets (the ones that bolt to the rear frame support) by one inch, by doing this it moved the cell back the same distance and now it fits like a glove with about.Nothing is excluded from the pros and cons, similarly each platform has its own.Now it was time to install the cell, or so I thought. .Feel free to comment on any post.Now before you think you are finished and attempt to install the bed back on the frame, you will need to cut a five inch section out easy and cheap christmas gifts for friends of the bed support that runs directly above the fuel cell sending unit (if your truck has.Because fleetside bed floors are ribbed, I needed to figure out a way to get the fuel door to sit flush and not look like a Saturday afternoon hack job. .This modification is required in order the clear the sender on top of the fuel cell. .Luckily, I had a friend who owns his own fabrication shop and had him fabricate this bracket/ring out of 1/2" thick cold rolled steel. .Click "Older Posts" to go to the next page.This is a foam filled cell (to prevent fuel slosh) that has a GM sending unit already installed. .Click "Blog" above to see my latest posts.This bracket/ring also had to allow me to set the fuel door flush with the top of it, so neither the bracket/ring or fuel door would sit above the bed floor. .While I doubt the original cap assembly would have given me any problems, I wanted the filler neck to sit a little closer to the bed floor, and have something that would keep any water, dirt, or debris that might be able to find its.Finally, you will also need to figure out where you want to locate your gas filler neck.The finished bracket/ring is 1/2" thick, with a 1/4" recess to allow the fuel door to sit flush inside.

While I was working out the details with the fuel door, I decided I wanted to put in a better fuel cap on the fuel cell. .