Because our money comes that way eliminating change).
Research shows that the majority of organizations that hold raffle ticket fundraisers do not know how much money they will make until after the raffle is over.In our example, if we wanted to sell each ticket for best schlitterbahn discount 5 we would need to sell 2625/5 525 tickets to meet our goal.I have talked to customers that wanted custom raffle tickets designed that looked expensive so that it would be easier for them to sell the raffle tickets at a higher price.Selling 100 raffle tickets to college students might be a long shot as would be selling 15 raffle tickets for a chance to win a 20 DVD.This could be posters that will be printed or even television or radio commercials.It is important to remember that people often buy more than one raffle ticket and this can be encouraged by offering a discount for buying a larger quantity of tickets (5 each or 5 for 20 is an example of pricing with quantity discounts).Sign in or, create an Account, home, silent Auction Tickets, pink -.99 cadblue -.99 cadgreen -.99 cadyellow -.99 cadwhite -.99 CAD *Price may be lower in your local Party Stuff store.Nearly all raffles have a target amount of money that they would like the raffle to produce.Stock Roll Tickets, custom Roll Tickets.The rest of this article describes factors that should be taken into consideration when planning a fundraiser.What they do not know is that there is a simple calculation that can be made to see how many tickets, and at what price, an organization will need to sell raffle tickets in order to meet that goal.Raffle Prize Costs: Most companies, that are would be sponsors, do not have a pile of free stuff in their store that is free for the taking (at least not something cool enough to make people want to win it).First, add up all of the costs of the event.Once you have an idea of the price that people will pay for raffle tickets and how many tickets can be sold, you can calculate how much money you will earn.