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As previously indicated, when coupons are only mentioned, many cashiers will forget to enter them.
If so, you are not alone!
If the coupons are only referenced, but not handed to the cashier, it increases the potential for error since the cashier might forget to scan the sheet at their station.Previously, the cashier would need to scan both the green sheet and the newspaper ad to ensure guests received sale prices from both coupon sheets.The picture below summarizes which types of savings are identified by each color.You must like this page to enter the contest.For a few years we heard guests requesting that we have our ad available prior to Sunday morning so they could start planning their grocery list Friday or Saturday.Do you ever buy the newspaper simply for the coupons deals included inside?We cannot list prices in the sneak peak, because prices can vary between markets, and there are times that our prices change between Friday afternoon and Saturday night.When you are checking out, make sure you present these coupons to the cashier.This coupon targets anyone who frequently visits our website.Are our displays in the aisles misleading?Proudly giving back to the communities we serve.Coupons are an excellent resource when looking for ways to save; however, they can also create frustration when they do not work properly.The festival and all programming are free, but donations to the food bank are being accepted.While 88 is a big number, it really doesnt come as a surprise to anyone who works in a grocery store.For your convenience this coupon does not need to be torn out; however, you do need to alert the cashier that you are redeeming this offer.When they have something to physically scan, there are far less errors.
Newspaper Coupons, copies of the coupons from the Sunday paper are available near the Wall of Values or at the customer service desk.

However, if something seems incorrect, they can troubleshoot with you to find the solution, or call over a manager to help troubleshoot.