Unsurprisingly, Taito got taken to court by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs (original author of the books so they had to hack in some changes to please the courts.
However, Microsoft took note and sued in January 2004.
He then returns 700 strips later, with the only explanation of how he avoided imprisonment for copyright infringement being "Parody is protected speech".Individual soldiers are still called Guardsmen, for example.The trademark-free version of Firefox keeps the Mozilla globe (which is free to distribute) and uses the particular version's code name, which is never trademarked.the man and the name, were proudly emblazoned on the cover of one issue; He was nowhere to be found anywhere on the cover of the next issue, and only vaguely alluded to as "that guy who likes to re-animate stuff." West remained a significant.The Marvel Comics character Shang-Chi was created as the son of literary villain Fu Manchu back when Marvel had licensed the rights to the character.Bland-Name Product, Disney Owns This Trope, You Wanna Get Sued?, Lawyer-Friendly Cameo,.K.A.-47, Product Displacement, and, clumsy Copyright Censorship.The "Mentos and Coke" trick is pulled twice, and in both times it is stated to use "non-branded" mints and cola.Robbie is the son of Rudolph, but every time someone is about to say Rudolph's name they get cut off.Likewise Jefferson Airhead, who ran into trouble with Jefferson Starship and became simply Airhead.Those familiar round bumpers that propel the ball away from themselves are one such case: Williams Electronics claimed "jet bumpers" and "thumper bumpers." In response, Gottlieb trademarked "pop bumpers with "active bumpers" being the (rarely used) generic term.Additionally, the team no longer includes Mego toy based characters such as Acroyear, Biotron, and Microtron.And once Hasbro grabs a name, any name, they make a point of using it as much as possible.Another Bill Mantlo creation, Rom Spaceknight, has a similar issue.At one point they even show heavily pixelated pieces of official artwork from several series like Victory and Wing.Centers on a paramilitary organization named Mithril, which is explicitly acknowledged as a reference to The Lord of the Rings in the original light novels.This happens often with cars: The Hyundai Elantra was once known as the Lantra throughout much of Europe and Australia thanks to the similarly named Lotus Elan, as well as the Elante trim level offered on some of Mitsubishi's cars.Amusingly, even in-universe everyone refuses to use Astra Militarum unless they're doing official paperwork for practical reasons; it's basically "Imperial Guard plus some other things technically in the same chain of command".When the legal hurdles were solved, Superboy and Superboy-Prime were restored to normal during the Final Crisis tie-in " The Legion of Three Worlds ".
(Mercifully, the United States is the only country where they fell victim to this.) They're called Calico Critters in Canada, as well.
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After getting a cease and desist notice, they had to drop the "REO".
Amusingly enough, the best examples of this were all part of their women's division: Awesome Kong (Amazing Kong elsewhere), Velvet Sky and Angelina Love (Talia Madison and Angel Williams, respectively Madison Rayne (Lexi Lane or Ashley Lane and Roxxi Laveaux (Nikki Roxx).