As the stage cleared, Ninja and Marshmello were handed their golden trophy and embraced as the crowd started to drift away.
I know H1Z1 and pubg really started the battle royale genre but Fortnite has taken it to a new level.
Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Week 4 Trial 100,000.00, fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Week 5 Trial 100,000.00, pGL-pubg Fall Invitational 2018 100,000.00, wSOE Dota 2 Showdown 2018 100,000.00 extremesland zowie Asia CS:GO 2018 98,000.00, eSL Pro European Championship 2018 80,965.50, maincast Autumn Brawl 80,000.00.Suddenly the pace accelerated, with celebrities falling by the dozen as pro players used their lightning-fast construction skills to gain crucial height advantage.Throughout the whole baking hot affair, the crowd ensured the atmosphere remained exhilarating and good-humoured.Entries should describe why the player is the ultimate #BRbadass, and submissions can include videos, drawings, memes, stories, or photos.As Split 1 comes to a close, the stakes couldnt be any higher.Where to Watch edit edit source, tune into the Stream on the.And now, each of the 15 teams have even more of a reason to dominate - a 300K prize pool as determined by the Governance Committee.Epic invited about 15,000 fans to attend and they duly queued outside for hours, rewarded for their enthusiasm with free pizza, burgers and hot dogs at concession stands themed to look like in the games fictitious franchises.The building element and the costumes make it different from every other game, he said.Tomorrow night, the 75 best battle royale players in the world will compete for the top spot as the first who do think will win the superbowl split of the H1Z1 Pro Leagues inaugural season comes to a close.The final four players: Kitty Plays, CouRage, Ninja and the last surviving celeb, Marshmello, found themselves trapped along a vast cliff overlooking the islands Shifty Shafts area.We the view 5000 sweepstakes get to see the best players and some big celebrities, said Anthony a 15-year-old fan from Glendale, wearing the purple cap that came in goodie bags distributed to every attendee.There was even a real-life battle bus the flying vehicle that delivers characters to the island hung from a crane in the parking lot.Red Bull Guardians 40,000.00, twitchcon Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Week 6 - Heat 4 40,000.00, play2Live CryptØmasters 30,000.00, twitchcon Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Week 6 - Heat 3 30,000.00, premier Tour 2018 Winter Bern 28,900.00.In Fortnites famed Battle Royale mode, 100 players land on a giant island and must fight until only one player or team is left standing.Its taking over the world, man.Prize Pool edit edit source, the current prize pool for the contest is over 173,320.After the first Battle Royale game, the table will be reset and the first round winners will be listed on this page.Adding a prize pool isnt only deserved, but will also ramp up the competitions intensity as teams close out the first half of the season.Winners edit edit source Invitational Crate.
After six Qualification flights, players will be invited back to the Qualification Championship.

Players can enter once per day on the contest page.
Julia_TV - 6,933, partiallyRoyal - 5,200 Grimmybear - 3,467 omniskillz - 2,600 Summit1g -,1734 Four H1Z1 players will have a chance to win a trip to TwitchCon to compete in the Invitational.