how do i get an amazon voucher

Take photos of job adverts, credit: 20th Century Fox, this is such a strange idea, but weve found it pretty easy to rack up 20 of Amazon vouchers over the ken's discount camden ar past couple of months using the.
In total we made 15 in Amazon vouchers from Shotgun, as well as some other nice freebies.
At the time of writing, if you choose to cash out with an Amazon voucher youll get.5 extra on Quidco and 2 extra on Top Cashback (compared to if you withdrew your earnings via bank transfer).They sell (almost) everything and its not too difficult to get free delivery - here's how to get the items themselves for free, too!3,000 tokens gets you a 5 Amazon voucher, but you can also get tokens by using the app every week. .Make sure you fully read the terms before submitting your review though, as there's a few things you need to make sure of, such as using at least 50 words per answer - but that beatrix potter christening gifts john lewis should be easily done!You get a lot less for your receipts compared to Shopprize - it takes about five months to earn one 3 Amazon voucher from Receipt Hog, during which time we earned about 15 with Shopprize.How much you get paid per advert ranges between 0 - 100 points, and a point is worth one cent of an Amazon voucher - so 100 points is around 77p.You have to scan around 100 receipts to earn a fiver, give or take. .But as the ads take seconds to submit, its worth taking pictures of any poster you see.Or do you know about any other genius ways to get your hands on some free Amazon vouchers?Once you've downloaded the app, all you need to do is take a picture of the advert and then a picture of the business name before submitting.Download Receipt Hog a third app that rewards you for snapping receipts.If you do, you could be earning Amazon vouchers with the Shotgun app from Direct Line.Have you had success with any of these yourself?It takes two(ish) months of scanning old receipts to earn a voucher, which isnt so bad.Download Shopprize then there's, receipt Hog, which is available on Android and iOS and works on almost all receipts (not just supermarket ones).You also get extra points for opening the app every day and 'levelling up'.