how many votes did bush win by in 2000

Trump won by a large margin in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee.
The New York Times.
And a Question Mark.It is under those most generous, Gore-advocated, standards that the Bush margin of victory rises to 1,665.The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography."1824 Presidential Election Results".National Archives and Records Administration.But in these counties, it particularly benefited Bush.".Archived travel gifts for mom from the original on dvc car rental discount November 23, 2003.Bush still would have gotten more votes than Al Gore even if the.S.Domestic Programs of the American Presidents: A Critical Evaluation,.But the analysis also found that Gore would have won by three votes if the recount had continued under the standards advocated by Bush supporters.Some Good News for Gore, while the analysis showed the Bush would have won if the court-ordered recounts under way at the time of the.S.Presidential election system, instead of the nationwide popular vote determining the outcome eid gifts for non muslims of the election, the.In return for the Democrats' acquiescence in Hayes' election, the Republicans agreed to withdraw federal troops from the South, ending Reconstruction.