Font) describing the item.
Item information (this is where you can get creative to market the item in an appealing way).
Donors need a clear idea of what they are bidding on, so make sure all pertinent information is displayed on easy-to- read accompanying display sheets.
To make silent auction item displays even easier at your next event, click below to download our customizable, easy-to-use templates.Presenting your auction in an appealing and informative way will help ghd hair straightener coupon codes encourage bidding and boost your fundraising efforts.For example, instead of putting two lift tickets to a local ski resort on the table, place them in a duffel bag with some hand warmers, sunglasses and some chapstick.Bidders may just pass over a massage certificate on its own, but if you display a large photo of customers looking relaxed and enjoying themselves at the spa, people might be more tempted to bid.Underneath the description include a list of all additional information, such as restrictions and other details.The item title should be big, bold and obvious (24-30.Home winspire News / 3 Tips for Displaying Auction Items to Attract Fierce Bidding.Fewer items on a table will also help draw more attention to each individual package or basket.You could even spruce up the display with a snow globe from home.Display All Information Upfront, click to Enlarge, its important that auction items not only look appealing to donors, but that donors know exactly what they are buying.Presentation can have a huge impact on how much donors bid and directly affects how much money you raise at your event.If you have gift certificates, use photos to entice donors.Just like retailers want to display merchandise in a way that attracts customers, you will want to present your items in a way to encourage bidding.If you are hosting a silent auction at your charity fundraising event, its important to strategize the best way to present items to your guests.Use bullet points whenever possible!Any restrictions or expiration dates, location, minimum bid.To make the table look less cramped, leave 6-12 inches of space between items.Too many items crowded together can make bidders feel overwhelmed.You spend time decorating the party venue to look nice, but how much time do you spend on auction item logistics?Provide Adequate Space, when setting up auction items for a silent auction, dont clutter the tables.Font) with one or two easy-to-read sentences (14-16.
Even tiny improvements can make a big difference.

Accurately representing the contents and restrictions of every item is critical to protect the credibility of your organization and sustainability of the event.
Use these 3 helpful tips for displaying items in a manner that will encourage fierce bidding from your audience.