how to win bobsled bonanza

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Dont rush to plant weapon plant but plant at least 8 sunflower at the beginning and try to collect the sun as many as you can to prepare for mass attack.
Plants vs Zombie- Bobsled Bonanza Tips.To win in Bobsled Bonanza mini game in Plant vs Zombie, use this plant: For basic, sunflower is a must and follow by: 1) Spikeweed 2) Squash 3) Potato Mine 4) Jalapeno 5) Cherry Bomb 6) Tangle Kelp 7) Lily 8) Any shooting plant.In this video, I'm attempting to pass the Bobsled Bonanza mini-game by using only 8 slots, not counting the last h1z1 first place prize 2 useless slots, without using any upgrade plants.This is me (AznKei) playing Plants.Other plants in use include sunflower, twin sunflower, lily pad, imitator potato mine, squash, wall nut.PVZ - Bobsled Bonanza using starfruit.I use mainly starfruit and potato mine in bobsled bonanza.Zombies characters arts and musics belong to PopCap games.This game is about animated plants who must protect their lawn and their human master against the invading horde of zombies with the power of the suns.Zombies, a tower defense, real-time strategy sub-genre game originally made by PopCap games for PC ans Mac in 2009.Zombies - Bobsled Bonanza (8 slots without upgrade plants) (audio commentary).I go into this thinking im going to lose, Do i win?Plants vs Zombies, bobsled, bonanza, how to beat.Chill Out, how to, complete.Bobsled, bonanza, mini Game in Plants.Other Mini Games in Plants.Plants vs Zombies, bobsled, bonanza, how to beat itRfm VS Games.More PvZ 1 /1vEAkXT Click Here To Subscribe!This is my take gift voucher small print on how to play bobsled bonanza plants vs zombies mini-game.I have Plants vs Zombies themed polls on my website."Final Draw to take place at 18:00".
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Plants vs Zombies - Bobsled Bonanza - How to beat.