Scenario 1: Sell at the Agents price.
But she will still be angry.
When you ask her why she is angry at you, she may tell you its because you interrupted her.Questions to consider: What strengths and skills are required for what you want to do?Mergers and acquisitions fail because the values of the company cultures are incompatible.You can explain to her that you get why it could have seemed like you didnt care about what she was saying.As soon as you realize you have offended her, you can let her know you understand how you might have come off.They tell you theyll take 3 of the transaction for their efforts and you agree. .Therefore the resolution to a woman with traits of BPDs lack of trust doesnt depend on you changing your behavior in any way.#7 main thrown in on line 127.The hiring managers and contractors of the world are not buying it anymore.Scenario 2: Sell at your price, minus negotiation.And in our personal lives, friendships are built on trust and one of the biggest causes of destroyed marriage is lack of trust.You wont be able to know in advance what they will be, but once you understand what raises her red flags, you will be able to identify the fear and apply the formula during any episode of distrust.Although these are very minor in the scheme of things, they fall under the category of a betrayal of trust for those we care about.There are many more types of behaviors that can trigger her distrust.The biggest cause of division occurs when people believe they do not.Most of us interrupt others regularly in conversations.Before giving you real-life examples of how to use the formula to reverse distrust, lets take a quick win 10 webdav client look at why most other attempts to win trust fail.All relationships depend on a foundation of trust.If someone says they dont trust you, what exactly dont they trust?Image credit: Jesse Stoner The Levels of Trust.
Lets now identity this fear of the woman with traits of BPD when she is interrupted.
Lets now go through this same process with each of our examples we looked at earlier so you can see how this formula works in a few more real-life situations.