ideas for baby shower prizes

Or, choose from a variety of plantable seed cards and seed confetti.
Be warned you might have your mom-to-be laughing so hard she shell pee!
I have not thrown any of these showers myself, so I am afraid I don't have gorgeous pictures of these ideas to show you. You could go a couple directions with this theme, either focusing on the light aspect, or the world aspect - I am going to focus on the world aspect! Regardless, I like this one, plus or minus the pink or blue depending on baby's cinemark free weekly concession coupons gender: ( via ) Other ideas to get you started: Print out the words to this hymn and display on a table (I really like this print ).Guess Moms Girth NO!Emily from Live A Charmed Life Bethany from Blessings And Lilacs Amber from His Grace Is Sufficient Natalie from She Builds Her Home Thank you, ladies, for all your help!Easy Creative Gifts To Make For Baby Shower Game Prizes: Gift certificate to local coffee house, like Starbucks. If you are good with your knitting needles (or have a friend or family member who is) you can knit some coffee cup cozies as game prizes.) only included the fun ones.And remember that wedding bridesmaid gifts make great baby shower prizes.Print the above verse and display it on your food table.Coed Baby Shower Games Great Games for the Men!Cute sweet or practical long-lasting, these are based on lessons I learned myself (good bad!). And it could also be incorporated into a cute theme! This is a color scheme I like for a warrior/arrow theme: ( via other ideas to get you started: Pick out invitations (or make your own) that incorporate images of an arrow.Awesome Baby Shower Gifts, you wont find these on the typical baby shower registry, but they are all great choices. I think using an arrow/warrior theme would be especially adorable for a boy baby shower, but you could use it for girls too.Do you have an addition to this baby shower game or a new game to add to our site?May not be reproduced. Use your imagination, and if you do end up using one of these ideas, take pictures and send them to me! If you want to take it that direction, this theme could also have a spa-type feel.
Here are some schemes I like: Boy Color Scheme ( via girl Color Scheme ( via other ideas to get you started: Include the verse on the invitations.
Materials: paper, pensils, magazine or something hard to write.

 I think there are several cute baby shower themes that could be pulled out of Bible verses!
Or, combine a nice gift certificate with a simple fun home-made gift.