I have working-class roots in the City but was born and grew up in East London and Essex.
To be real it must be won, it must be worked for.
Labour led the fight against the mean and shabby treatment which was the lot of millions while Conservative Governments were in power over long years.Freedom is pleasure hills discount vouchers not an abstract thing.The genius of British scientists and technicians who have produced radio-location, jet propulsion, penicillin.The Labour Party is a Socialist Party, and proud.Those are the two main parties; and here is the fundamental issue which has to be settled.But by and large Britain is a country of two parties.But if the slumps in uncontrolled private industry are too severe to be balanced by public wet n wild cosmetics coupon code 2016 action - as they will certainly prove to be - our opponents are not ready to draw the conclusion that the sphere of public action must be extended.Its not easy being told to sod off on the door-step as I was last Saturday.There must be a due balance between the housing programme, the building of schools and the urgent requirements of factory modernisation and construction which will enable industry to produce efficiently.It calls for hard work, energy and sound sense.The Labour Party offers the nation a plan which will win the Peace for the People.All parties may declare that in principle they agree with them.Public ownership of inland transport.Over-production is not the cause of depression and unemployment; it is under-consumption that is responsible.We are out there now, campaigning to turn Westminster City Council red, and well keep on door-knocking afterwards.Similar forces are at work today.
Never again should they be left at the mercy of the city financier or speculator.