Clingy Costume : The Big Daddies are grafted into their diving suits, though fortunately for two characters who voluntarily don similar outfits it doesn't appear to fireball gift pack be necessary to wear them.
BioShock Infinite : Released in 2013, and set in a different universe than the first two previous games (a point which comes into play later ).
The bad ending of the original has Tenenbaum chew you out for being such an amoral monster, which shouldn't bother you if you made the decisions to earn.
Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!Psycho Serum from the ocean floor.Thanks to Sofia Lamb's propensity for brainwashing and genetic manipulation, this pops up a lot in the sequel.In his city something like osha would be thought of as a statist effort to destroy capitalism.There's a lot more permutations in the sequel's endings (six, to be precise depending on whether you again chose to harvest or save the Little Sisters, but also if you chose to kill or spare NPCs.Andrew Ryan, bioShock is a video game series developed by, irrational Games (also known as 2K Boston for a short while before reverting back to the old name).The developers have said that it was a Take That!Public Service Announcement : Some deliciously cheesy dialogues occasionally kick in on Rapture's.A.One-Winged Angel : Fontaine, who until this point has apparently only used the Super Strength gene tonic, is spooked by the player's progress and uses all the adam he's stockpiled at once, transforming into a ten-foot-tall grotesquely-muscled brute - which incidentally looks like a giant.Plot Coupon That Does Something : adam, and the Little Sisters who produce.The setting of Infinite is a dark take on Steam Punk and Clock Punk in both technology and its effect on the world around it, with some Fantastic Noir trappings.Over 20 end of summer cocktails to try this month.Fontaine actually agreed with Ryan (probably the only time they agreed about anything) about its danger and stopped producing.Zeerust : Invoked intentionally with Rapture's art design.System, usually excusing security measures.Big Bad In the first BioShock, Andrew Ryan, followed by Frank Fontaine.Trick Arrow : The crossbow's second alt-fire are bolts attached to electrified wires called "trap bolts".

along with graffiti warning that "lamb IS watching".
Meaningful Name : All over the place.