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Is a hilarious quiz show that happens once a week on NPR.
It debuted in 1971 and is now the most listened-to afternoon news program in the United States.Books for People Who Love, hidden Brain, shankar Vedantam hosts this exploration of patterns in the world.Invisibilia tackles how our intimacy with technology impacts our species, what categories mean to us, and the role of fear among tons of other topics.She has hosted this program since 1979 and draws more than.4 million listeners weekly.Peter Sagal et al compile the weeks news and entertainment and mix it with a bunch of fake pieces of information.StoryCorps tells the story of the everyman.Famous influencers like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former president Bill Clinton, and Toni Morrison have spoken with Diane Rehm on-air, which speaks to Rehms incredible reputation.StoryCorps aims to strengthen human connection, reinforce listening as a core value, and tell the narrative of people you wouldnt otherwise know or hear or understand.Sign up to get book recommendations youll love!Sign up for our email my coke rewards complaints and well send you a weekly email with the best new books in your favorite genres.Explore the events that transformed our nation with NPR Totes amaze.Toys and tees for NPR superfans-in-training History buffs, get buffer.Its sort of a chat with a friend at a bar, wherein you suddenly delve into the big questions and come away with an insightful discussion.Only A Game blends the world of sports with the rest of the world and is a highly-accesible show for lifelong sports addicts and lifelog sports avoiders alike.Theres truly something for everyone, which means lots of different people find content cosmopolitan gifts for her to love on public radio.Perhaps the most beloved feature of Fresh Air is the interviews, which take exactly as long as they should (rather than constrained to a set amount of air time).Hardcover Paperback Kindle Audiobook close forever.The hosts give thoughtful, scientific, and sometimes funny answers to the queries we all share.Invisibilia, invisibilia is the new kid in town in NPR-land, and we couldnt be happier to welcome this brilliant newcomer.
TED Radio Hour is a show about new perspectives, inventions, ideas, and ways of thinking.
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