Moreover, among this new generation of readers were people who wanted to write or draw comics themselves, within the new style that Marvel had dream giveaway charity rating pioneered, and push the creative envelope still further.
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He has been an executive producer for, and has made cameo appearances in Marvel film adaptations and other movies.Missing Link ComicsMission of CaliforniaMississippi Board of Dev.22 "Interview with Stan Lee (Part 1.Retrieved April 16, 2008.DConDe AgostiniDe Danann PressDe HarmonieDe Witt Publishing HouseDead AirDead Dog ComicsDead Fly ProductionsDead Horse DesignsDead Numbat ProductionsDead of Night StudiosDead ReckoningDeadcity ComicsDeadlineDeadline DemonDeadline PressDeadly World ProductionsDeadwood PressDeAgostiniDealer ComicsDean Son, LtdDean WesterfieldDearfieldDeath ComicsDeath Ray GraphicsDeath Waltz Recording butante WarriorsDecide PressDecipherDecision GamesDecker PublicationsDee PublishingDee Vee PressDeep Sea.66 Lee and artist John Buscema launched The Silver Surfer series in August 1968.Swafford PublishingSwallow PressSwamSwamp Yankee StudiosSwanSwan KingSwappers QuarterlySwat MaloneSWC, Inc.(excerpt) The Comics Journal.ApolloAporia PressAposable ThumbsApostle ArtsApparatApplauseApplause Theatre CinemaAppleApple ComicsApple FictionApple BooksApprobation ComicsApproved ComicsApscoAquarium Pharmaceuticals, AquariusAr-Zak The Arts Lab Press / Birmingham Arts LabArachia StudiosAragon MagazinesAranzi AronzoArby'sArcade ComicsArcade PublishingArcadia PublicationsArcana StudiosArchaia Entertainment, llcarchaia Studios PressArchangel StudiosArcherArcher (UK)Archer Books GamesArcher ComicsArcher Press cher.I was fresh out of high school, and I wanted to get into the publishing business, if I could.Noted comic-book writer Alan Moore described the significance of this new approach in a radio interview on the BBC Four program Chain Reaction, transcribed at "Alan Moore Chain Reaction Interview Transcript".

"Video: Stan Lee Picks Up 2,428th Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame".