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Im a member of the Gutenberg team on GitHub, and try to find time every day to triage new bugs or review pull requests.
It was like my early days in web development, learning a CSS property here, and an html element there.Some of the APIs are unintuitive.The tooling isnt the simplest to set.I started opening pull requests, largely dealing with design issues but also solving small bugs and quirks.Of course, everyones experiences are subjective and unique.But the possibilities of the new block interface were too enticing to ignore, so I started diving in and figuring out how it worked.And much of the core code, imbued with years of history and backwards compatibility, was hard for me to pick apart.At first it seemed scary.The rules, rituals, and etiquette around posting on Trac seemed arcane and illegible.I still cannot explain state management, data stores, or context APIs but I have managed to find small areas of the code to improve.I made a point of attending the weekly meeting I had previously added to the readme, chiming in when I felt I had more perspective to share.I recognize thats not a reality for many people.If you cant find the time, the Classic Editor will continue to be an option, and theres no shame in prolonging the upgrade.Over the past few months, but especially over the last few weeks, there has been extensive conversation about the barriers to entry present in contributing to the upcoming Gutenberg editor country inn promotional code for WordPress.This isnt to deny anyones frustration or confusion with Gutenberg and its development.Today I have 25 new issues and 27 pull requests under my belt, in addition to dozens of comments on existing tickets.It was an inauspicious beginning, but I was excited to get it merged.Try testing and replicating bug reports.So instead, I contributed in other ways: open sourcing simple custom plugins I was building, organizing WordCamps and meetups, and speaking at WordCamps around the globe.Dont be afraid to post a bug report or suggestion; we might consolidate it with another issue if it was previously reported, but the additional information is still valuable.I started commenting on tickets, usually offering suggestions for a particular feature, trying to advocate from the perspective of independent developers.