Let that be a lesson to yall!
Our package only included wedding day hours, not albums or an engagement session or anything else.
Friends, we have a wedding album!
It took about a month for our album to be produced and shipped to us, and we had a mini viewing party when it finally arrived!The kind folks at Milk Books offered me a discount on our album.This was 100 the right choice and I would make the same one again in a heartbeat!I think if I had realized just how large the photos would print, I would have included a few more of the layouts with multiple photos.When we were budgeting for wedding photography, we decided to put all of our resources into purchasing talent, not products.She only offers one option, and it starts at 2,500.Thats exactly what we got.Regardless, Im just thrilled to share the best wedding album source Ive found!Also: strange to design pages featuring yourself But, you know, I figured grandchildren might like to see one day.Its been a long time in the making (2.5 years!Keep in mind, these pages are BIG.And I didnt want just any album.Also, having been subscribed to the Milk Books newsletter for the past few months, Ive noticed two nice things they often run sales up to 50 off (seriously Ive seen at least two!The Cream online layout system is good, but not perfect.21 Comments previous post next post.As much as I thought her albums were beautiful, there was simply no way that would ever be a feasible option for.We havent looked at it too often since, but thats okay I wanted a real wedding album not because I expected to crack it open every morning, but as an heirloom for years (and people) to come.That full-bleed photo above measures more than a foot wheatgrasskits coupon code wide, and the wingspan of the open album is a whopping 28 inches!

I looked at Tanjas albums first.