After much internal debate, the mother decided upon PS 11 in Chelsea to send her daughter next year.
A New York City mother wrote a nice essay about her struggle with the decision to place her daughter into a gifted and talented program here in New York City or an expensive private school. .
Part 2 o f story after she received the G T acceptance letter for her first choice.Children who score particularly high on standardized tests may be eligible for G T (gifted and talented) programs.Families typically receive scores in April, send in applications in May and are notified of placements in June.Nyc account to view test scores, grades, attendance records and more.April 30: Deadline to apply to a G T program.You can read the touching story here: Part 1 of story right after she received the olsat test results and before she got the official acceptance letter from the.We recommend taking time to get to know the programs via our school search tool, the Department of Educations list of schools that offer G T this year and by touring the school, if possible.The deadline for applying to elementary school Gifted and Talented billion dollar brows coupon code programs is Friday, April. .The deadline to request testing is generally in early November; the tests are given in January and February.There are two other programs for gifted children that have a separate application process, both located in Manhattan.Gifted and Talented Email Update for April 9, 2010Gifted and Talented Admissions Calendar.The, special Music School offers intense musical training along with rigorous training.April 11, 2010, 12:17 pm, filed under: tests, tags: G T admissions, gifted and talented acceptance letter, gifted and talented timeline, olsat test results.Office of Gifted and Talented website or by calling (212) 374-6646.There has been a boom in the popularity of these programs in recent years, and some only accept children who score in the 99th percentile on admissions tests.Find more information about deadlines and test procedures from the Department of Educations.Gifted and Talented offers will be sent to families by Friday, June. .Applications are due by early November for kindergarten, which is the only entry point in the elementary school.Pre-registration for Gifted and Talented programs will occur at schools between June 7 and June 18, for families accepting their offer. .
Is a gifted program right for your child?

Those who move to the city after testing is completed have an opportunity to screen their child over the summer.