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I am sure your son and his fiance will love them.
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Not that I was saying what you did was crappy or anything but that I think vero beach gift shops it's a crappy thing to do IF the win stuff for kids recepients of the global health trax promo code gifts won't enjoy them.They're going to be really surprised and happy and knowing you've been so thoughful is going to be all the more nice.She got them for.99 each, bought 5 packs and we are going to give them out to the trick or treaters next year, along with candy.By ctrymuziklvr @ctrymuziklvr (11059 united States, november 3, 2007 4:55pm CST, i work in a CVS store and today my job was to mark all of the Halloween stuff down.(You were asking for this, right?My husband and I are somewhat gothic, and Halloween is our favorite holiday as well.Cotruelove @cotruelove (1038) Denver, Colorado 4 Nov 07 lol.We love great decor and dressing up, the whole.Ctrymuziklvr @ctrymuziklvr (11059) United States 4 Nov 07 As I was wrapping them last night I thought about what they would think when they saw them and I just know they will be happy!But on a personal level I'd probably just give it to them as a nice gift for no reason rather than christmas, BUT that's just.You know the type now get them a little something for Christmas!Hehehe 1 person likes this thoughtful gift ctrymuziklvr @ctrymuziklvr (11059) United States 4 Nov 07 You are so right!Makes for a great gag gift too.At least they will think of me while they are putting them up!That is the funnest way to do Christmas!1 person likes this not weird at all ctrymuziklvr @ctrymuziklvr (11059) United States 4 Nov 07 We always get each other "fun" type gifts at Christmas and this year this is mine to them.Ctrymuziklvr @ctrymuziklvr (11059) United States 4 Nov 07 grrr.Wind them up and watch them.The cost of Christmas is so overdone, that like you if I can save a few bucks no matter where the gift comes from and still be thoughtful about what the other person likes, sounds good.Buy It, racing Grannies, thanks to the Racing Grannies, you get a glimpse of how funny would it be to spike your Nans tea with some guarana.
Do you have cash?

I know I would have!