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Continuity Nod : Tooie has numerous nods to its predecessor: Spiral Mountain still has Bottles' old molehills lurking around, and you can get a recap on your old moves from them.
Several other characters are musically themed; see Musical Theme Naming above.You can't make it to the top of the tree with the Flip Flap, so you're forced to climb it to reach the Honeycomb floating above.I corn hardly believe it!In Witchyworld in Banjo-Tooie, you can have Wumba turn you into an armored van, which also gives you invincibility while transformed.Threatening Shark : Subverted.They can only be disabled for a limited time, and it's the reason why getting the Jiggy behind them is called That One mama's pizza promo code Sidequest.But in Nuts Bolts, she goes back again.Grunty's been beneath the rock for so long, she's only an animate skeleton.In order to use the mPerks website, your browser needs to be able to accept cookies for our site.The soundtrack for Nuts Bolts is made up of virtually nothing but orchestrated remixes of previous Banjo-Kazooie songs, and bits of tracks from other Rare games.His spine is located in his front, rather than his back.Its most obvious in Tooie, where many enemies won't even so much as blink at you, even if you're right in their line of sight, unless you're standing directly next to them or a few feet in front of them.Noob Cave : Spiral Mountain in the first game.Thus making his pack a literal Nap Sack, or Sleeping Bag.

Slippy-Slidey Ice World : Freezeezy Peak, the Winter Click Clock Wood, and half of Hailfire Peaks.