Sax Alley is an, authorized D ealer for German made, Keilwerth Saxophones.
The new 875exii alto is possibly the best classical alto on the market which plays and responds beautifully for jazz work as well. .
If not, you have to ask yourself why you would pay more for less!
The 640 Series alto and tenor are also fantastic and very reasonably priced.We played the 52nd Street alto next to an early 6 digit Mark VI and it had a bigger sound and better overall response! .East Sussex, tN62JD, uK, follow Us, trustpilot.(All shipping charges on used or student model saxophones are the responsibility of the purchaser even if the instrument is returned.) At Sax Alley, we don't just sell you a product. . All cold brew gifts of their pro line instruments play beautifully, including their low end 650 pro model which has a very reasonable price for a great playhing clarinet.Made in Taiwan from imported European brass, these are one of the better saxophones out there today at a great price!Yamaha professional and student clarinets are some of the best playing clarinets on the market today.We designed and manufacturer our own solid brass, right hand thumb hook which will replace the cheap, plastic hook on your Selmer, Yanagisawa or Yamaha saxophone.Yamaha Saxophones, Flutes and Clarinets, sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for Yamaha Saxophones, Flutes and Clarinets!Sax Alley is now one of the few Authorized Dealers for TM Custom Tenor Saxophones in the.Over the years I've heard everyone from Dave Brubeck to Ahmad Jamal to Peter Beets.These are true rolled tone hole instruments with Pisoni Premim pads, Randy's resonators and other great features that make them the best playing tenors like them on todays market.The new "52nd Street" Alto, Tenor Soprano and Bari are un-lacquered, rolled tone hole models that are absolutely fantastic. .Haynes company was purchased by Eastman Music a number of years ago and they have been brought back to life.Yanagisawa's soprano saxophones are especially good so don't miss out on them!Mauriat Saxophones, sax Alley is an, authorized Dealer for. Yamaha is quickly chanel coco mademoiselle perfume gift becoming gift letter loan repayment forgiveness very well accepted by flute players around the country and world.We use 200 pound test boxes (these boxes require more than 200 pounds of pressure to make them collapse) to ship all our new saxophones, normally double boxed with manufacturers boxes inside, surrounded by several inches of styrofoam packing material with our heavy duty box.Mauriat factory warranty as you would with any "A" stock.Yamaha Clarinets, sax Alley is an Authorized D ealer for Yamaha Clarinets.We also include the Sax Alley 350 "New Horn Set Up" and free Shipping with every new.
If product price changes from when you ordered to the time the item is available for shipping, we will notifiy you of the price change and allow you to cancel if you do not want to pay the new price.) Saxophone Repair All of our.
Don't be fooled, though, these are great playing saxophones and worthy of your consideration.

Randy Jones has created a great instrument with hours and hours of hand work put into each new tenor. .
Selmer has been THE name in saxophones for over 60 years and their design and quality is still excellent. .
 We no longer service clarinets, but will get you these great clarinets at a great price if you wish to special order.