Lupine Growing on long stems, these cone shaped blooms miss continental prize package come in a variety of colors.
Its tiny clusters of blooms are attractive at the edge of a bed or in pots with geraniums or other annuals.
Blooms in mid-spring to late spring.
Yellow loosestrife Tall stalks of yellow blooms that thrive in moist areas.Periwinkle Perfect as a grown cover, the flowers resemble blue stars.Daisy An easy to grow flower which is easily recognizable.It can tolerate full sun as long as it has a constant supple of moisture.Blooms in mid-summer to late summer.Needs well-drained soil.Geranium This flower has been used in gardens for over a century and is still a popular plant due to its love of hot weather and multiple colors.Thank you for your patronage.Maiden Pink Often used as ground cover, these blooms have a unique pattern in shades of pink and white.Plant full sun to partial shade.Delphinium A favorite flower of many, they appear in long stalks of pink, blue, white and purple.Hyssop A long blooming plant, they can grow up to 8 feet tall and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.Life In The Desert, arabian oryx, living in the desert is tough.Mirabilis Easy to grow flowers that will grow in a variety of colors and last well into fall.Needs moist, well-drained soil.
Blooms in mid-spring to early summer.
Thunbergia A perfect shade plant which provides bright blooms with a dark center.