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Cotton Batting, dollar Store Mini Sewing Kit, gold Paint.
Little C drew a sweet card to go with our little gift.Now bring on summer!I feel like its a poster national geographic magazine subscription coupon code child project for all things trendy over the past year.My Little C has graduated playschool this week and shell be headed off to kindergarten in the fall!I used one thinly sliced orange, the peel from one apple, one cinnamon stick, and one tablespoon of lotus vaporizer coupon code whole cloves.And now that heavy lifting is forbidden for the next 6-8 weeks per my rock star hand surgeons orders.Especially since its so easy to make your own.You can also put these in a crockpot on high.I like to gift mason jar simmer pots to family and friends over the holidays, they always love to receive them!Hot Glue Gun *some affiliate links included.I was strolling through discount polaris atv accessories the Target, in search of a new tea kettle. .Mason Jar Sewing Kit How To Make Tutorial.I tied a little bow on mine to give as a gift.(For another version of a fall simmering recipe check out this.I did break them out for a fall votive project. .You can download yours (in PDF format) for free by clicking the graphic below : After that, we wrapped the flags around a paper straw and glued them in place, and wrapped the label around the mason jar and glued.First up is a knock-off of Anthropologies Mason Jar Sewing Kit.