To pledge, offer as a pledge, or execute and deliver: He gave her his promise.
He has himself sent her back to her husband, back to her family.We must give Him our very best.Meaning "to yield to pressure" is from 1570s.To hand in; deliver: Please give in your timecards.24) give a person what for informal to punish or reprimand a person severely Show More noun a tendency to yield under pressure; resiliencethere's bound to be some give in a long plank; there is no give in his moral views Show More See also.10) Everything Christ has commanded is to be observed.To impart or communicate: to give advice; to give a cold to someone.X promotional codes for amazon pay Men (2000 wolverine risks his own life (shedding blood and receiving stripes in the process) bestowing his own healing power, to heal the deadly wounds of itv win the ads a friend (a "Rogue" no less, now that is grace).To present to an audience, as an entertainer, speaker, or act: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the governor of Texas.S disciples are questioned and pressured into signing a confession, all red cross gift wrapping set into motion by a betraying Judas who tells the other students "save yourselves." Keating?That really hits him.S regeneration comes in the final scene, when the disciples engage in a demonstration which affirms his impact on their lives." ( "The Messianic Figure in Film: Christology Beyond the Biblical Epic Matthew Mc Ever, Journal of Religion and Film, 1998) Babbette's Feast (1987) Babbette.

This door gives onto the hallway.
Can you give bond?