The Old Wolf has spoken.
At the end we got our salesman to give us the same deal for 3,775 and he was going to throw in two additional tickets for the cruise.
pennsylvania, for 60 years, most recently, Allentown, now.
Reiver #, 08:08 AM How would the usps survive financially if it wasn't for these mailings?When I called the number, the young lady launched into her pitch and told me Id be winning one of these great prizes, plus up to a 100.00 WalMart gift card.The terms conditions on the back confirm that it is a travel package promotion, just like the scam phone calls. totv Website and Mobile Suggestion Box The Villages, Florida, New Members Forum Videos on how to use Talk of The Villages website Frequently asked questions on how to use the Talk of The Villages website The.Based on comments found on the web, its just another tired clone.Lets look at the odds of winning on the fine print: Prius : 1:180,000, plasma TV : 1:180,000, apple iPad Air : 1:180,000, cruise : 179,997:180,000.#, 10:21 PM, i enjoy opening these, scratching off the seal to reveal the number that I already know will be a winner, then I promptly throw in the trash, oops, sorry, the recycling.But, for the last month or so, almost every afternoon we get a phone call from "ChildFund".For more than two a number of years, this design has gotten.If you are interested I would suggest you play the game and say no to them first because they will come down drastically with the dollar amount that you would end up paying. Investment Talk Landscape Talk Weather Talk Lost and Found Healthcare Medical Recommendations Medical and Health Discussion Healthcare Medical Recommendations Restaurant Discussions Computer questionsThe Villages Squares Entertainment Spanish Springs Town Square - Entertainment Schedule .As I wrote about in my previous post, even the cruise is no prize by the time you pay taxes and other activation fees, you could probably find a flight and cruise as cheaply by yourself my social book discount on the internet.Global Travel Network, about which I have already written: It is a 90 minute presentation you must listen to about a travel club and the discount they can give you (after you pay the fee for the membership)._ "What, me worry?"-Alfred.The cherished hybrid car has to become in your fourth technological expertise.
But, for the last month or so, almost every afternoon we get a phone call from "ChildFund" - goes unanswered and no voicemail.