One example was in the episode " The Vault where Shoko helps Princess Bubblegum establish her new kingdom by covering up an irradiated river at the site of the Candy Castle.
Military plane appears behind Simon.
Abraham Lincoln offers Death a penny in exchange for Jake's soul.The base of the Lich 's power is a ruined subway station with deserted trains and littered with human skeletons scattered on the floor as if they had been killed that very moment around the station.In the arena, the player can find a broken truck and a damaged television.In issue two, after Finn and Jake kill the Lich in outer space, Finn sees Earth and wonders if the hole from the Mushroom War had been there all along.In addition, the chest stolen from the tower contains what appears to be a hand-held video game system in the bottom left corner." In Your Footsteps Ruined buildings country inn promotional code can be seen rising out of the forest Finn and Jake were walking around at night." Orgalorg Gunter has a recollection of living throughout history, which includes many events from before the Mushroom War (such as Ancient Greece, Rome, and Prohibition, to name a few).The infrastructure that had existed throughout the land had been mostly destroyed.The ruins of Beautopia reappear.The Story Teller also mentions at the end of the episode that "nobody has had five fingers for 20 blabillion glaybles." " Up a Tree When Finn and the Squirrel are flying off on a Frisbee, there is a shot of a destroyed highway.This would also help explain why Internet-derived expressions and phrases are frequently used by characters." The Suitor In the Vapor Swamps, one can see a few decomposed buildings in the background.
" Mystery Train The train itself is most likely a relic from pre-war times.

Aftermath The end of the war left much of the world devastated and devoid of much life.