If youre unable to be there for their special day, you can send the gift to the parents, or choose a time to give your gift after the event.
Russian Celebration Food for Golden Weddings.
If you still have trouble thinking of the perfect wedding gift ideas even with some inspiration, you can always give the gift of cash, a gift certificate or a prepaid debit card.
And what would be worse than seeing the gift you bought the couple up for bidding on Ebay?What better way for a long-married couple to reconnect and rekindle their love coolest gifts 2017 for guys for each other?But follow a few simple rules, and youre going to score big with the bride and groom.Each cup, plate or tray is painted in a stunning red and gold floral pattern on a wood base to create a luxurious and pretty item to adorn the home.These elaborate confections can be as many as 15 layers thick and can be beautifully decorated to reflect the theme of the golden wedding.If you are unsure what to get and do not have access to a gift registry to check exactly what the couple is asking for, try one of these unique, creative and useful wedding gift ideas.Each book comes in a printed wallet and can be personalised with 12 photos and text to complement them.Pearl Anniversary Jewellery Box, after being married for 30 years, we're hoping that you would have treated your wife to a good collection of precious jewels and gems.All the more reason to do all you can to find the perfect gift for the bride and groom.As a clever twist on the traditional gold theme, arrange for your relatives to enjoy a guided tour of the Golden Ring, a cluster of ancient cities close to Moscow, famous for their heritage and history.She will really appreciate that you have taken extra time and thought over choosing something perfectly tailored to her.Choose this road and your choice of unusual wedding gifts is going to be so off the mark, Itll be a gift that never sees the light of day after the wedding is over, or a gift voucher that never gets cashed.Irises and roses are both linked to the celebration of silver weddings, so you could choose these types for a bespoke romantic wedding anniversary gift.There are few gifts more opulent or meaningful than a single natural rose that has been hand-picked and dipped in precious pure silver to create a unique and beautiful ornament.Why not add a pearl bracelet in there too to give her an even bigger surprise?
In which case an emotional poem or personalised song is bound to be considered a great wedding gift.
What better way to mark the importance of this most unique day than by giving such a well-thought out token of appreciation?

Give your loved ones the gift of a once in a lifetime dream vacation to Russia.
This really depends on the bride and groom.