win remote app

I have the following: /- conn.
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I've created a c# christmas gift ideas for those who have everything class which actually connects to my sql and it's working fine with local wamp server.
Open catch (Exception) return bb beauty raffles place 1; return 0; public int disconnect try if (ate ConnectionState.WIN - Remote implements.DbPassword; public string getConnectionString return nnectionString; public int connect try tConnectionString nnectionString tConnectionString.DbPassword; public string getDbName return this.Dbname attributes3; ose public void setHostname(string hostnameStr) this.I have created a windows Form application using c# which actually connects to MySQL database.WIN - Remote implements translucent design from KitKat onwards.This app was not created or endorsed by Windows (Microsoft).Null) wrds.Split attributesi wrds1; this.I am trying to put the database in the server and access it remotely within the network.Remember to download the server software from our web site:.

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